Wet Chemical Extinguishers

wetchemThe wet chemical extinguishers is ideal for Class 'F' fires, involving cooking oils and fats, such as lard, olive oil, sunflower oil, maize oils and butter. It is extremely effective as the wet chemical rapidly knocks the flames out, cool the burning oil and chemically reacts to product a soap-like solution, sealing the surface and preventing re-ignition. Independent fire tests have established that it is capable of extinguishing a fire in a 75 litre capacity deep fat fryer. The extinguisher is easy to use, producing a gentle, but highly effective spray. The gentle application helps prevent hot oil splashing onto the user. An added benefit is that it is also suitable for freely burning materials (Class 'A') such as wood, paper ad fabrics.

  • Tested on 75 litres of cooking oil and kitemarked to BS 7937
  • User friendly 6 litre size - supplied factory filled
  • Wet chemical process seals the surface of burning oil to prevent re-ignition
  • Cylinder, lance and nozzle constructed from high quality stainless steel
  • Unique home swivel joint for easy directional control
  • Simple to use with controllable discharge
  • Suitable for use on freely burning materials (Class 'A')
CodeSizeOperationContentsFire Rating
OPWC6 6l Stored Pressure Wet chemical 13A 75F

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