Specialist Powder Extinguishers

specpowder The special powder extinguishers are designed specifically to fight combustible metal fires (Class 'D'), such as sodium, lithium, magnesium and aluminium when in the form of swarf or powder. The extinguishers are equipped with a special very low velocity applicator to ensure the fire fighting powder is applied efficiently and effectively to the burning metal and prevent burning swarf from spreading. The L2 version contains powder formulated for extinguishing all metal fires including lithium.

  • Unique lance applicator designed to allow the powder to fall evenly over the fire
  • Colour coded area for easy identification
  • Highly effective against metal fires, which include lithium, sodium, magnesium and aluminium when in the form of powder or swarf
  • L2 contains powder suitable for fires involving lithium
  • M28 does not cover lithium fire risks
  • Unique hose swivel joint for easy directional control
CodeSizeOperationContentsFire Rating
OPM9 9kg Cartridge M28 powder 17kg
OPL9 9kg Cartridge L2 powder 14.5kg

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